3 Workplace Hazards You May Not Have Considered

February 17, 2016

Regardless of the job, there will always be common workplace hazards you must watch out for: slips, trips and falls, vehicular accidents, illness, etc. But, there are also unexpected hazards—and it is these hazards that are the most dangerous because employees are ill prepared for them. For that reason, you should be on the lookout for these three often-overlooked workplace hazards and learn how best to mitigate them.

1. Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome

Hand-arm vibration syndrome occurs when a hand-held power tool is used regularly for an extended amount of time or when regular contact is maintained with a vibrating machine. The condition can disrupt the circulation in the hands and forearms as well as damage the muscles, nerves, joints, tendons and bones of the hands and arms.

To reduce your exposure to the condition:

2. Loss of Smell or Taste

Head trauma can lead to the development of anosmia, the loss (or impairment) of smell and taste. This condition can be particularly dangerous as it could influence weight loss or gain, and increase an individual’s risk of developing diabetes.

To reduce your exposure to the condition:

3. Reproductive Hazards

Intense or prolonged exposure to certain types of chemicals can cause cancer, erode the reproductive health of workers and even damage a developing foetus.

To reduce your exposure to these hazards:

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