6 Tips to Sit Less at Work

October 25, 2017

According to a recent study conducted at the University of Edinburgh, most middle-aged office workers spend as much time sitting down as pensioners. However, prolonged sitting and inactivity is a problem that affects employees of all ages.

Lengthy, uninterrupted sitting causes poor circulation and low calorie burn. What’s more, if you regularly spend at least seven hours each day sitting, you increase your risk of various health problems, including obesity, hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Inactivity can also cause stiffness, headaches and sluggishness.

Fortunately, you can reduce your risk of developing these conditions with small bursts of activity scattered throughout your day. Try these six tips to sit less, move more and improve your health:

  1. 1.    Stand while talking on the phone.
  2. 2.    Try a walking or standing meeting.
  3. 3.    Stand up and stretch at least once every hour.
  4. 4.    Wear a pedometer and find ways to add steps into your daily routine.
  5. 5.    Take the stairs whenever possible.
  6. 6.    Consider walking or biking when commuting to work or running errands.

In addition, you should try to be active outside of work and get at least 150 minutes of mild to moderate exercise every week. This will help combat health problems and premature death.

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