Developing a Company Culture that Fosters Innovation

May 17, 2016

Innovative companies are often profitable ones, because they are great at finding the best, most creative solutions to their problems. However, innovation is not created in a vacuum—it requires a workplace culture conducive to new and creative ideas.

Innovation is a process—each effort builds on the previous attempt to develop something. Therefore, a company should expect false starts and near misses if it wants to encourage long-term innovation from its employees. When hiring new employees or managing existing ones, heed this advice on how to drive innovation:

By developing a workplace culture in which employees can devise new and creative solutions, a company can help foster innovation.

However, developing workplace culture requires continuous observation, management and adjustment as the industry and your employees change. Do not fall into a formulaic, rote routine regarding how you develop your business’ culture—this is the quickest way to stymie innovation and render your culture unable to engage employees. If you keep refreshing and refocusing your business’ workplace culture to foster innovation, your employees should follow suit by continuously searching for creative, novel ways to overcome your company’s biggest problems.

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