Enjoy Your Art Collection for Generations

July 6, 2015

Collections of fine art and other collectibles can be an expression of the owner’s passions and interests. If collectors want their items—and by extension their image—to shine and impress for many generations to come, they should consider purchasing fine art and collectibles insurance. Such insurance policies, along with ensuring that each piece is properly cared for, help protect the collection and retain its value for the future.

Depending on the variety of your collection, you have two options for insuring the entire lot. If you have a large collection, but each piece is valued under £10,000, you can insure the entire collection with a blanket policy. If your collection is composed of several high-value pieces, you may benefit more from insuring each piece individually. Regardless of how you choose to insure your collection, follow these best practices to help preserve its value.

Adding to Your Collection

To protect the value of the new pieces you procure for your collection, ensure that you receive this information before purchasing them:


Maintaining quality

To ensure that each of your pieces retains its quality, follow this easy guidance on maintenance and display:


Providing Security for Your Collection

In order to ensure that you receive the appropriate cover amount for your collection, have each piece appraised before purchasing insurance. Fine art and collectibles insurance may include the following:


To learn more about how to best insure your fine art and collectibles, contact CLA Insurance on 01234 311 21105 today.

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