Flood Support Schemes Available

April 17, 2014

Available Flood Support Schemes for Businesses, Homeowners and Communities.

This past winter was the wettest in over 250 years and unleashed the worst tidal surges across England in over 60 years. More than 7,800 homes and nearly 3,000 commercial properties were flooded. Due to the widespread destruction, the government recently released information and advice on recovery schemes and support that benefit businesses, homeowners and communities.

Flood support schemes include:

Repair and renew grant – provides a maximum of £5,000 to affected homeowners and businesses for additional flood resilience or resistance measures over and above repairs normally covered by insurance.

Business support scheme – provides hardship funding for SME businesses affected by flooding.

Business rate relief – provides flood-affected businesses 100 per cent business rate relief for three months.

Additional time to pay taxes – grants flood-affected businesses additional time to pay taxes.

Farming recovery fund – offers a maximum of £5,000 to support farm businesses in bringing flooded land back into production as quickly as possible.

Support for tourism industry – provides practical assistance and advice to coastal areas to help boost summer trade.

Flood relief fund for sport – helps cover repairs to sports facilities damaged by floods and storms, such as pitches and sport centres.

Council tax discount scheme – provides council tax rebates to flooded households for at least three months.

Bellwin scheme – covers costs incurred by local councils on immediate actions they take in connection with a disaster or emergency.

Severe weather recovery scheme – helps local authorities support communities and repair highway infrastructure.

For more information on the individual schemes and how to apply for flood support, visit


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