Horses for courses

Entering the equine world might seem scary at first glance because it does come with responsibilities, so having appropriate insurance is essential.

Horses by nature are unpredictable and their actions can pose a risk to themselves, their handlers, the public and third party property.

No matter how experienced you are, you can never be too prepared when it comes to horses. Owning a horse is a large financial investment and, therefore, it is important to ensure that you have adequate cover when things do not go to plan.

Understanding the equine world and the UK equestrian insurance market is imperative when taking out equine insurance. There are many options and providers on the market and it can feel overwhelming. To make it easier, we have put together a top level guide explaining some of the most common covers that will help minimise the risks to horse owners and equestrian businesses.

Horse and pony mortality

This provides indemnity for the value of the horse in the event of its death. These policies are usually on the basis of cover for death due to accident, sickness or disease and will usually include theft as standard.

Veterinary fees

Even relatively minor injuries can result in high veterinary costs. Vet fee extensions can be added to most Equine Mortality policies to cover the cost of treating your horse.

Loss of Use

High value sports horses can be worth a lot of money and their value may vastly depreciate if they sustain a permanent injury. This means they can no longer perform the job they were purchased or trained for. Loss of Use will indemnify you for the reduction in the horse’s value if this occurs.


Even very young thoroughbreds can be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. A bloodstock mortality policy will provide indemnity in the event of the horse’s death due to injury, sickness or disease. Cover can be extended to infertility for stallions, barrenness for mares and an unborn foal via a prospective foal policy.

Personal accident

Perfect for self-employed individuals as this cover protects you against the financial consequences of injuries such as Temporary Total Disablement, Permanent Total Disablement and Loss of Limbs or Sight. Cover may also be extended to include dental treatment and other accident related expenses.

Public Liability

This cover is increasingly necessary for all horse owners and riders. It will protect you against damages for personal injury or property damage suffered by a third party as a result of your negligence or alleged negligence.

Employers’ Liability

This is a legal requirement for all businesses that have at least one employee. This will cover a business for damages caused by a personal injury of an employee as a result of their employment.

All risks of physical loss or damage to equipment

Despite everyone’s best efforts, equipment can go missing or be damaged at equine events. Cover can be taken out for damage to, or theft of, these important and quite often costly items.

Cancellation and Abandonment

Anything from adverse weather to an outbreak of a communicable disease can cause the cancellation or postponement of events. This features can cover the losses incurred when an event has to be cancelled.

Equine establishment buildings, contents and other property

Cover for Buildings, Contents, Business Interruption, Cash, Saddlery and Tack, Jumps and Farm Machinery.