Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

June 30, 2016

Because many Britons are unaccustomed to such extreme heat, experts are urging people to take steps to stay cool to avoid any heat-related deaths. To prevent yourself from succumbing to the sweltering heat, follow these five tips to keep you and your home cool:

1. Sleep cool and comfortably – A few hours before you crawl into bed, throw your sheets into a bag and put them in the refrigerator. This will help your body cool down and may help you fall asleep faster. To stay extra cool, swap out any pillows stuffed with synthetic fluff for natural feather pillows—they do not trap heat and allow for more generous airflow.

2. Eat right– Avoid eating protein-heavy meals, as these will cause your body to produce more heat when digesting the meal. Instead, try preparing spicy dishes, such as curries, which will enhance blood circulation and cause you to sweat more—helping you to cool down more effectively.

3. Resist the allure of the cold shower – Cold showers will lower your skin’s temperature, which in turn limits your body’s ability to produce sweat. Instead, take cool or tepid showers so you do not affect your body’s natural cooling process.

4. Keep your home cool –While you are at home during the day, position a large fan so that it faces toward an open window. This will help draw out the hot air and improve air circulation in the room. Do this in the morning when it is coldest, then close all of your curtains and windows that face the sun later in the day. If you have any additional fans in your home, try putting a cold cloth or bowl of ice cubes in front of it to encourage the circulation of cool air. Otherwise, simply hang a wet sheet in front of an open window to quickly lower the room’s temperature. At night, close all of your windows and blinds before turning on the air conditioning. This will help trap in the cool air and lower the temperature in your home.

5. Remember to unplug your electronics – Electronic appliances and devices, both large and small, produce a limited amount of heat—even while turned off. To keep your home cool and your energy bill low, unplug all your electronic appliances and devices when they are not being used.

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