Safety Wizard App Launched

June 18, 2015

A UK mobile software developer has released a new, free app to help businesses meet their health and safety requirements. The Safety Wizard app was designed to be a mobile version of the HSE Toolbox and provides businesses with guidance on what risk-preventive measures should be taken for a wide range of specific situations. Businesses will also have access to all of the HSE’s health and safety data through the app.

The Safety Wizard app is the first mobile format of the HSE Toolbox that is available to businesses. Its universal access offers simple, streamlined navigation to provide risk management assistance to businesses regardless of time constraints or lack of resources. This new development marks a great improvement on the previous method of either referencing the toolbox’s print edition—which has the potential to be outdated—or accessing it online through a stationary desktop.

As a business owner or manager, you may already know that referring to guidance from the HSE Toolbox is indispensable and inevitable; however, it may not always be convenient or even possible to review. To avoid such a lack of valuable information at your fingertips, it is critical that you as well as your employees download the Safety Wizard app. The app will always contain the most up-to-date HSE information, provide risk management guidance and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Having this app in your ‘toolbox’ will help curb your business’ liability and boost its health and safety programme.

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