Shooting season

With the shooting season fast approaching you should start to consider what insurance you require.

Any event in which the public is invited onto private land is likely to require insurance and there are several areas to consider for an organised shoot:

Shoot Cancellation cover. Adverse weather conditions can often cause a shoot to be cancelled resulting in significant financial loss. Shoot Cancellation insurance covers this but it must be arranged at least 14 days in advance of the shoot day. CLA Insurance policies also cover against organised disruption and can be extended to include Avian Influenza.

Legal Liabilities. You need to ensure you are adequately protected against your Legal Liability at law should you be found negligent for third party property damage or bodily injury. This can be split into three distinct areas:

  • Personal Liability. You could be held legally liable in the event of causing damage or injury to third party property. This insurance could already be covered under your Home insurance when contents cover is provided or already be extended under any membership package, but it is important to check.
  • Public Liability. As a landowner, as soon as you invite someone onto your land you are saying it is suitable for the use. So if someone is injured, even if you are not running a shoot, you could be found legally liable. If you have an in-hand shoot or guests shooting on your estate, it is advisable to have a Member Liability extension meaning the insurer considers individual members of your group as a whole, and your Member to Member Liability extension insures group members as individuals when they injure other group members or damage their property.
  • Employers’ LiabilityIf you have employees, you are legally required to purchase this insurance which covers your Liability for bodily injury or disease that employees may suffer in the course of their employment.
    A shoot syndicate may need this for self-employed staff such as beaters, but if you run a shoot you should consider extending your Employers’ Liability to include any game keepers, self-employed beaters, loaders and picker-uppers.

There is a lot to consider and every individual and business has different needs. It is wise to seek help from an expert so that every option can be assessed. Using a broker such as CLA Insurance who has an in-depth knowledge of the rural sector and can offer a wide choice of insurers is a sensible step to finding the best value and the best cover.