Staying Safe on Your Holiday

May 14, 2015

Summer is peak holiday season. Last year, 63 per cent of surveyed full-time UK workers planned to take a summer trip, and 52 per cent planned a holiday abroad, according to a survey.

Whether you plan on travelling abroad this summer or staying put, follow these tips to stay safe while on holiday:


Real-life Case Study

Two friends from Belfast travelled to the north coast of Cornwall for a three-week-long summer surfing holiday. They were both avid surfers, and felt comfortable seeking out the best secluded beaches.

Towards the end of their holiday, one friend decided to stay in for the day, while the other wanted to spend their few remaining days on the water. Without telling his friend where he was going, the surfer headed to a beach he had not previously surfed but that had been favourably reviewed.

After several hours by himself, he decided to return to his hotel room. While paddling back to the beach, the surfer was caught in an unexpected current which sucked him beneath the surface and dragged him along underwater rocks, knocking him unconscious. His body washed onshore and laid there for several hours. His friend, meanwhile, had been looking for him and knew he had wanted to try that particular beach, and found him there, still unconscious. Because of his friend’s quick thinking, the surfer suffered only minor injuries.

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