Take advantage of Google My Business

February 25, 2015

Google is an Internet giant, and ignoring its influence could potentially lead to your business being crushed. Because the vast majority of people searching for content on the Internet use Google, as a business owner, optimising your ranking in Google search results could create a dramatic increase in your business’ visibility and profits.

Customers must wade through a torrent of data to find what they need on the Internet. Make it easier for them to find your business by taking advantage of Google My Business (GMB), the free Google service which maximises your business’ visibility across Google Search, Google Maps and Google+.

One-stop Shopping

GMB centralises your business’ Google presence on one screen. Created with small businesses in mind, it eliminates the need for duplicate entries—updating your business’ information from the GMB screen automatically revises that information across all Google offerings. This includes driving directions on Google Maps, hours of operation in Google Search, and your business’ phone number, which users can simply click on when using their mobile phones to call. Providing the most up-to-date information eliminates the obstacles standing between your business and potential customers.

From GMB’s central screen, you can access the following five services for your business:


Drive Traffic

GMB promises scores of benefits—but all of them require your effort to come to fruition. It is not enough to join Google+ and create a GMB profile. You must constantly work to maintain your page and information. Constant maintenance ensures robust customer engagement, up-to-date site metrics and strong search engine optimisation (SEO).

In fact, SEO is one of GMB’s best offerings. By making sure your business’ contact information is always up to date across all of Google’s offerings, your business should score higher in local Google searches. The higher your business ranks on the search page, the more customers will be driven to your website. Inaccurate information, on the other hand, actively prevents potential customers from finding your website.

GMB’s mobile compatibility also helps drive traffic to your site. As more and more people rely on mobile devices for their Internet searches, the most mobile-compatible tools will garner the best results. The increasingly mobile nature of Internet searches suggests that users are looking for more immediate, local results—meaning that just one piece of out-of-date information could prevent every potential customer searching for your business via a mobile device from becoming an actual customer. And you can use the GMB app on the go, constantly interacting with customers and ensuring your information is up to date.

What Are You Waiting For?

Taking advantage of GMB is not complicated. But for something so simple, it yields complex, worthwhile results. So get out there and do it! Just remember to never let your GMB page stagnate, and your business should experience the full benefits of increased Google exposure. Visit for detailed guidance on using GMB.

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