The Popular Social Media Post That Makes You Vulnerable to Hackers

August 3, 2017

A recent popular Facebook post asks users to provide a list of 10 concerts, and then challenges the user’s friends to guess the concert that they haven’t attended. While this type of post can resurface unforgettable memories of past concerts, it can also open the door for cyber criminals to steal your information.

Often, websites ask security questions to recover your password: one of which may ask about your first concert. Accurately responding to this question, then revealing the answer publicly on social media allows thieves to more easily breach your account and steal personal information.

Therefore, it pays to think about the repercussions of posting certain information online. Consider providing faulty answers to these security questions instead to hinder a criminal from searching for your information online. For instance, when asked about a school you attended, answer with something along the lines of ‘Hogwarts’. The more obscure you can make passwords and security answers, the safer your personal information will be.


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The Popular Social Media Post That Makes You Vulnerable to Hackers