Thieves Can Hack Your Home—Here’s How to Stop Them

August 9, 2016

According to the Office of National Statistics, there is an attempted burglary on a private residence every 45 seconds. Because of this potential threat, it is important that you install reliable home security protections—such as a home security system. However, as it has become more common to include ‘smart’ capabilities—such as allowing you to manage your alarm system remotely—it has become easier for burglars to subvert your security system’s defences.

These gaps in your home’s security stem from the fact that wireless systems generally rely on radio frequencies to communicate information—such as commands, notifications and alerts. But with the right devices, these signals can be intercepted or manipulated to create false alarms, which could discredit the system, or they can be completely blocked. In addition, some devices can allow burglars to discover the password to disarm your system manually. However, none of these processes are quite instantaneous and would require a burglar to devote time to monitor your home, learn your family’s daily schedule and discern how to manipulate your security system.

Yet, suppressing your home security system is not the only way in which burglars can gain entry into your home. Breaking in through unsecured windows or doors is the most common method used by burglars. For that reason, it is important to have a robust home security system—one that is layered, rather than relying on a single barrier. While it could mean that you would have to purchase additional security devices, the cost should be worth the additional protection that they will provide your family and home. So, here are six simple ways to improve your home’s security:

In addition to the guidance listed above, you should contact your Howden broker to discuss your home insurance policy and ensure that in the event of a burglary, you are thoroughly protected.

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