Toxic chemicals be aware of home contaminations

March 12, 2015

Though you may wear protective clothing and gear when working with hazardous chemicals at work, you must also protect your home and family from these chemicals as well. Home chemical contamination is a universal problem that can result in major health problems and even death.

After you leave work, chemicals used on the job can remain on your clothing, hair, body, vehicle and tools, and travel into your home. In addition, if your home and workplace are not separate from one another, such as a farm, you are also at risk of bringing additional hazardous material from the worksite in your residence.

Once inside your home, you and especially your children are at risk for exposure. Children inhale more air in relation to their body weight as compared to adults. They also play on or near the ground, and touch their mouths and faces often. As a result, they are at a higher risk of exposure to toxic chemicals.

You can reduce the risk of contamination at home by reducing exposure at work, storing your work clothes and footwear away from your street clothes and shoes, and leaving any work materials or tools at the job.

Using toxic chemicals – General safety precautions

Some chemicals used on the job are hazardous to your health and can cause illness and injury if they are not handled correctly. Before you begin working with any chemical, identify its potential hazards, become familiar with how to best protect yourself and be aware of the procedures to follow if an accident takes place.

The manufacturer’s label and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each chemical you handle provides important information regarding hazards, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), proper handling, transport, storage and disposal of chemicals. Each time you use a chemical, read this information and take the appropriate precautions. In addition, the following recommendations apply when working with any toxic chemical:

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