Using Temporary Demountable Structures

April 9, 2015

Erecting marquees or other temporary demountable structures (TDS) is a sensitive operation that requires a steady hand. Forgetting to anchor just one of the many points of a huge tent can undermine the integrity of the entire structure and cause it to come tumbling down on a large crowd—injuring or even killing people.

As a contractor, event organiser, venue owner or someone legally obligated to ensure the safety of a temporary structure, use the following hints and tips to make sure your TDS stands tall and secure.

Common Temporary Structural Risks

The list below contains some of the crucial aspects you must consider in order to ensure the public safety of your TDS. Review the list and make sure you have accounted for each aspect in procuring or erecting your TDS.


Hints and Tips

Supervising the erection and dismantling of a TDS can be overwhelming. Instead of letting yourself be paralysed by the amount of regulations and precautions, follow these hints and tips to make the whole process simple, safe and stress-free.



Building and Dismantling the TDS


While the TDS Is in Use


Do not:


Stability, Safety and You

Your role as a duty holder is crucial—without you, your TDS can be neither stable nor safe. Building and dismantling a TDS safely requires constant attention to health and safety details. And you can trust the detail-oriented insurance professionals at CLA Insurance to provide the health and safety resources that keep your employees safe and your event successful.

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